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Sustainable Energy and Energy Conservation Consulting for U.S. and International Clients

  • Sustainable Energy Projects: 

    • Design and construction of multiple solar water heating systems for residential and commercial systems, monitoring energy savings results and data analysis.
    • Design and construction of multiple passive solar and earth bermed residential, commercial and industrial buildings. 
    • Multiple solar and heat pump system design and construction for residential buildings.
    • Design and construction of annual thermal storage with solar and heat pump combinations for residential buildings, data monitoring of energy consumption and data analysis.  
    • Research of solar energy penetration through various deciduous tree canopies, monitoring and analysis of data.  
    • Photovoltaic drilling rig design, construction, monitoring, and results analysis for the National Polar Ice Core Office.   
    • Photovoltaic water well pump design, construction, monitoring, and results analysis.  

    Sustainable Energy Research and Technology Transfer:


    • Directed research and technology transfer on passive solar design, solar assisted heat pumps, solar annual storage systems, and solar access subdivision design. 
    • Organized and performed multiple state and national workshops, conferences, training programs, and seminars on energy conservation, and renewable energy. 
    • Taught graduate level courses in Solar Engineering Design, and Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems for residential and commercial buildings at the University of Nebraska, College of Engineering. 
    • Directed multiple public outreach and public information programs on renewable energy and energy conservation including hosting a live monthly television show, “Questions and Answers on Energy”. 

    Energy Policy and Legislation: 



    •  Established the second municipal residential and commercial building energy consumption and insulation standard in the United States. 
    • Established the first solar access and solar bonus program for residential subdivision developers in the United States. 
    • Worked with the local gas and electric companies, established a residential and commercial energy conservation incentives program for free energy conservation build inspections. 
    • Multiple presentations to renewable energy and energy conservation conferences. Multiple presentations to city, county, state, and federal legislative entities on energy policy, standards, and incentives. 
    • Testimony to the United States Congressional Committe on Energy Policy.  

    Electric System Utilities/ Energy Conservation:



    • Established an interruptible summer air conditioner program to significantly reduce the summer peak utility load. 
    • Provided an aerial infrared survey of the entire city and also a hand-held infrared ThermaGRAM® scanning service for individual residential, commercial and industrial building owners. 
    • Free commercial and residential building energy conservation audits. 
    • The energy saving results of these programs, resulted in the delay of the construction of an additional coal-fired electrical generation plant for over 20 years.

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