Sustainable Development / International
Renewable Energy and International Development
S D / I - Sustainable Management

S D / I - Sustainable Management
Program Management:
  • Sustainable energy and environmental systems for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Electrical power and natural gas production,
  • Large data and Internet based information systems.
  • Experienced and expertise in new project development and management, technology transfer information delivery, budgeting, creating and managing technical project teams, and delivering projects on time and under budget.
Environmental Experience:
  • Prepared several environmental assessments and environmental impact statements for recreational and flood control dam projects.
  • Developed municipal Land Use Plans, Zoning, and Comprehensive Plans.
  • Responsible for multiple environmental water and air quality projects including abatement design and project implementation for over 70 school, commercial and industrial national projects.
  • Certified asbestos abatement project design professional.
  • Responsible for various new building environmental designs and construction for animal pharmaceutical research laboratories, sterile facilities; negative and positive pressure rooms, airport facilities and water treatment plants.
  • Los Alamos National Labs. On-site project director to document, plan, and estimate for a 7 year, $32 Billion USD nuclear waste remediation.
International Experience:
  • Libya National Building Construction and Planning Agency for Energy Conservation, Passive Solar and Renewable Energy Standards.
  • British School of Beijing China construction grant for 3 schools in rural villages, Siem Reap, Cambodia.
  • Siem Reap, Cambodia - Grant for Provincial Hospital MIRN Internet based International Medical Consultation system.